The Yin Yu Tang House (蔭餘堂)
Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts
From the Peabody Essex Museum's brochure about the Yin Yu Tang House:
Why is the house called Yin Yu Tang?
The name Yin Yu Tang suggests the desire to shelter many future generations, as well as the hope that descendants will become high officials.

Where was the house located in China?
Yin Yu Tang is from a small village in southeastern China, Huang Cun, in a mountainous region in Anhui Province. It is about 250 miles southwest of Shanghai.

Who lived in the house?
Yin Yu Tang was inhabited by multiple generations of the Huang family, with 20 to 30 people living in the house at any one time. Eight generations lived here over a period of 200 years.

When was the house built?
Yin Yu Tang was built around 1800.

Are all of the objects original to the house/family?
Sixty to seventy percent of the objects are original to the house. The other objects all come from homes with similar histories in the same region.

How did the house come to the Peabody Essex Museum?
The house was part of a cultural exchange agreement with the local Chinese authorities in the Huizhou region of Anhui Province. The exchange helped promote the culture and architecture of the region to an international audience and supported architectural preservation projects in the province.

Here is some more information about the house from a plaque on the museum's wall.

We visited the house on June 17th, 2022, while we were visiting Chris and Dana and Max and Lydia in Boston. Here are a bunch of pictures from our visit. Click here to return to the "A Year In Photos - June, 2022," web page.