The Making of Stuffed Green Peppers and Cabbage Rolls

Today (May 23, 2023), Mei-O made one of my favorite non-stir-fry specialties of hers, stuffed green peppers and cabbage rolls. She learned this from my mom many, many years ago when we were living with my parents in Chicago for a while when I got out of the Air Force. As she went through the various steps, I documented the process which can be seen below.

It all starts out with Mei-O mixing about one and a half pounds of ground turkey with already cooked rice. It's pretty gooey, so she wears gloves when smushing it all together by hand.

Then three green peppers get gutted.

The cabbage which sat in hot water on the stove to soften it up and make it "rollable" is peeled from its head to make the cabbage rolls.

Then it's time to stuff the peppers. Just shove that stuff right in there...

...then place them in the pot with some tomato sauce sitting on the bottom.

Then the cabbage rolls get rolled up...

...and added to the pot.

The tomato paste mixed with some water to thin it out is poured in, and...

...what starts out on a low burner, after two hours of slow cooking, ends up... this!

Ready to eat and so good!