Pictures From The Main Website

Here's a glimpse of some of the things you would find on our main website if you had the user ID and password. This started out as a collection of the pictures in our website slideshow so when I wanted to swap a new picture in, I could look in here to decide which existing picture I wanted to swap out without having to watch the whole slideshow (which takes time). Then, as I was looking for some new pictures to add, I decided to expand this to just be a collection of some of the various pictures that can be found all over the website. And as it stands now, it provides some documentation of the many places all around the world that we've traveled to and some significant (and not so significant) events in our life. And there are a lot of pictures of us and of our (well, mostly Mei-O's) family. (There are a lot of pictures - I guess I just sorta got carried away.)

On the main site, you could actually click on any picture to see it full-size, but due to the user ID/password requirement for privacy, that feature is not available here. Sorry.