The Making of Honey-Ginger Tea

Today (November 28, 2023), like almmost every other day, Mei-O made her special honey-ginger tea. Well, there's really nothing special about it; it's just home-made from scratch with very simple ingrediients and a very simple recipe. I have a cup almost every day; it's great in the fall and winter, not as great on hot summer days. As she went through the various steps, I documented the process which can be seen below.

It all starts out with two pieces of ginger and a sharp knife.

To start the process, Mei-O pares the ginger. We go through a lot of ginger, shopping for it at least once a week. The strength of the tea often varies depending on where we buy the ginger from. (There are three pieces of ginger pictured here. She cut a piece off the big one and only used half of it.)

The pared ginger is first sliced like this, ...

...then like this.

It's then put into a pot of just plain water... boil for 10 minutes.

When our Google 10-minute timer tells her it's done, it's strained into...

...a cup that's been waiting with just a small amount of honey in it.

It's then stirred well to get the honey and ginger water to mix and become honey-ginger tea.

I always have to wait a while, since it's too hot to drink right off the stove. (The tea cools rather quickly, but the cup is always too hot to put up to my mouth.)

I usually drink it while relaxing, sitting in my recliner in the living room. It's quite satisfying.