Rochester Symphony Orchestra Concert
Mayo Civic Center, Rochester, Minnesota, November 11, 2023
This concert was conducted by Robert Kahn, the second of our candidates to lead the orchestra to audition for the Music Director position that came open after Jere Lantz retired last year. The three pieces below made up the first half of the concert which was followed by Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4 after the intermission (which I didn't record). The guest pianist for the Schumann piece (the second video below) was Avery Gagliano. As a stage manager, I spend my time during the concert in the wings which is where I took all these videos from.

La forza del destino Overture by Giuseppe Verdi (7:43). (There's a big 'clunk' in this video, right around 1:16. Before the concert, Robert placed a metal water bottle on a chair in the wings, and it rolled off onto the floor. Being so close to the camera, it's pretty loud, but I don't know if the orchestra or the audience heard it.)

Piano Concerto by Clara Schumann (21:23). Avery's beautiful piano solo begins at 6:26, and our principal cellist Rachel Bottner joins her for a duet at 8:59.

Avery's beautiful piano solo from Schumann's Piano Concerto (from above), joined by our principal cellist Rachel Bottner for a duet (4:45).

An excerpt from a piece by Bach for an encore (2:42).