My 2023 Food Blog
I began this food blog on May 8th, 2023, as a way to track my meals daily, and, after getting off to a slow start, now have a pretty good record of them. It's just kind of interesting to see the stuff Mei-O prepares, both Chinese stir fry and American (or, rather, non-Chinese stir fry) dishes. Fortunately for us (me), while some of the dishes are simple to prepare, others take a lot of work, yet she still enjoys cooking as you'll be able to see from the following images of the great - and delicious - dishes she makes on an almost daily basis. Here are some quick notes about the meals we eat, then, on to the yummy food itself! (The pictures of my meals are arranged in descending order with the most recent ones first. Because of this, meals with more than one picture will display them in reverse ordernote. And occasionally one or two meals may be missing, either because I didn't take a picture or I just forgot.)
My food blog
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