Chris and Dana's Wedding Weekend - The P&A Puzzle

There was one other very interesting puzzle that went on during the wedding weekend. Chris and Dana and many of their friends get together six times a year to solve puzzles from the web magazine P&A (Puzzles & Answers) Magazine. This issue, issue 38, was their special wedding issue.

One of Chris and Dana's friends knew the P&A guy, and provided him with the names of the puzzle solvers who would be attending the wedding. As you can see above on P&A's front page, at least one of the guests would have to sign in to get the clues to the wedding-themed puzzle. Knowing who all the potential wedding guest puzzle solvers were, the puzzle maker created two separate answers to the puzzle; one for anyone not in the wedding party, and another for those in the wedding party. When the team finally got around to solving the puzzle, the answer was, quite to everyone's surprise, "Congrats Dana Scott and Chris Shabsin". Remember, this is a web page accessible by puzzle solvers anywhere in the world, but only the wedding guests saw this very special and very unexpected answer! Non-wedding guests got a different answer. Pretty awesome!