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4 Phantom Interlocked Blocks
Working in a 4x4 matrix, each person works in their own block.

Bill's 4 Phantom Interlocked Blocks definition
3 x 1, 1 x 3, n x m
Divide the formation into 2 3x3 groups. One 3x3 group has 3 real people, and one 3x3 group has one person who is the center of the 3x3 group. Do the call 3x3, and then remove phantoms if possible. The 3 by 1 Concept (Sue Curtis)
3 x 3, 4 x 4, n x n
Stolen from The 3 x 3 Concept: To apply the 3 by 3 concept to any call, it must be possible to pair up all the dancers doing the call so that each pair has a common facing direction at the beginning and end of the call, and goes through the same turning motions while dancing the call. To create the 3 by 3 version of the call, replace each such pair with three dancers facing the same direction by adding a new dancer between the original two. The new dancer goes through the same turning motions as the original two dancers and remains between them throughout the call.

3 x 3 replaces groups of 2 dancers with groups of 3 dancers.

The 3 x 3 Concept (Sue Curtis)
<fraction1> and <fraction2>
Do the first <fraction1> of the first call and the last <fraction2> of the second call.
The Action
ends Hinge and Trade as centers 1/2 Reverse Swap Around and turn the star 1/4; new centers Cast Off 3/4 as outsides Phantom Hourglass Circulate

Bill's About definition
<anyone> Advance to a Column
  1. designees Walk as others Dodge: ends in a column
  2. column Circulate
  3. centers Trade
  4. column Circulate
<n> | <i - j - k> Quarter the Alter
Replace the 3 turning components of Alter the Wave with the given fractions:
  1. Cast Off <n>/4 | <i>/4
  2. centers Cast Off <n>/4 | <j>/4; ends U-Turn Back
  3. Counter Rotate the diamond <n>/4 | <k>/4
  4. Flip the Diamond
Alter the Diamond
  1. Counter Rotate the Diamond 1/2
  2. Flip the Diamond
  3. Fan Back
<direction> Anchor <n>/4
This is a space-invader. As a couple, turn the indicated fraction in the indicated direction. Do it in such a way that the person toward whom you are turning (belle for Right Anchor, beau for Left Anchor) stays on the same spot. The other person does all the walking.

Bill's Anchor definition
An Anchor (but <anything>)
From a tidal wave:
very ends Counter Rotate and Pass In, center 6 trade and very ends of center 6 Counter Rotate and Pass In, Center 4 Swing and Slip. An <anything> call replaces the final Swing and Slip.
Anchor the <anyone>
Designees stay on the same spot on the floor, and the other people in each setup compensate for that by adjusting their ending setup so that it has the correct shape.

Bill's Anchor the <anyone> definition
<anything> and Anything
The words "and Anything" (yes, literally those words) after a call that finishes with the centers Casting Off 3/4, has them instead Cast Off only 1/4, while the ends U-Turn Back.

Bill's And Anything definition
Bail Out
  1. centers Short and Sweet; ends 1/2 Circulate
  2. centers Counter Rotate; ends Hinge
Bill's Bail Out definition
Barge Thru
  1. Square Thru 2
  2. Trade By
Barrel of Fun
  1. ends Bend; centers 1/4 In
  2. ends Touch 1/2; centers Swing Thru
  3. Fan the Top
Beep Beep
  1. Hinge
  2. You All
Bill's Beep Beep definition
Bits and Pieces
  1. centers Peel and Trail; ends O Circulate twice
  2. centers Ah So; ends Trade
Centers facing in: Touch, Lockit, Lockit; Centers facing out: U-Turn Back, Touch
<anyone> Break the Alamo
Designees Follow Thru as others leads Loop 1 around trailers, all step ahead to two-faced lines

Bill's Break the Alamo definition
Bridge the Gap
Beaus Press Left; Belles Press Ahead and Run/Flip/Trade/Loop 0 Left.

Bill's Bridge the Gap definition
Bring Us Together
Designees Circle Left 1/2 and slide left; others Single Rotate 1/4 and Phantom Follow Thru

Bill's Bring Us Together definition
Buckle and <anything>
lead end Cross Fold; trailing end Circulate and Fold; centers <anything>
By [By] [By]
After Courtesy Turn: turn 1/4 more, Slither [Slide] [Slither]

Bill's By, By By, By By By definition
  1. Pass Thru
  2. non-designees U-Turn Back
Bill's Bypass definition
Cast a Net
  1. 1/2 Circulate
  2. very centers Cast Off 3/4 and spread away, outsides trade and new inside dancer spread to the center, ends of center wave Counter Rotate to becomes ends of a 1x8.
Centers Cut Out
centers Crossover Circulate; ends flip in

Bill's Centers Cut Out definition
<n>/4 Chain and Circulate In
ends Circulate, Crossover Circulate; centers Cast Off <n>/4, very centers Trade, Cast Off 3/4, Spread

Bill's <n>/4 Chain and Circulate In definition
Change the Web
From 1/4 Tag: center wave Swing; very centers Cast Off 3/4; adjust to form stars; turn the stars 5/4; very centers Cast Off 3/4, dancers facing in move forward to ends of center wave, others adjust to a couple

Bill's Change the Web definition
(Reverse) Change-O
Change-O: #1 & #2 Circulate, #3 & #4 Crossover Circulate
Reverse Change-O: #1 & #4 Circulate, #2 & #3 Crossover Circulate
Chase Back
  1. Chase the 1/2 Tag
  2. Scoot Back
centers Partner Tag, Press Ahead, Face In; ends leads Run and all Press Ahead

Bill's Cheerio definition
Chip Off
couple facing out (prefer the right couple) Link Up; others centers Shove Off

Bill's Chip Off definition
Circle the Tag <n>/4
Circle to a Wave = 1/2 Circle the Tag. Extend or back up as necessary.
Circle to a Two-Faced Line
As Couples Single Circle to a Wave (Circle Left 1/2; Veer Left)

Bill's Circle to a Two-Faced Line definition
Clean Sweep <n>/4
  1. Sweep <n>/4 clockwise
  2. Veer Left
  3. Tag the Line
  4. Leads Roll Right to a Wave
Bill's Clean Sweep definition
(<anything>) Clear Out
  1. Circulate/<anything> Circulate/<anything>
  2. centers Couple Up; ends Like a Couple Up
Clear the Centers [but Cross it] for <anything>
From 1/4-like formation: centers start a Linear Cycle and Tandem [Cross] Run; ends slide in and <anything>

Bill's Clear the Centers definition
Clover Flow
  1. ends Cloverleaf; centers Pass Thru
  2. ends Pass Thru; centers Cloverleaf
Bill's Clover Flow definition
Clover the Horn
ends Cloverleaf and Pass Thru; centers Cloverleaf leaving off the last 1/4 in and then Pass Thru

Bill's Clover the Horn definition
Cloverleaf Turn
  1. ends Cloverleaf; centers Turn Thru
  2. ends Turn Thru; centers Cloverleaf
Cloverleaf Turn Reaction | Reactivate | Nuclear Reaction: final Turn Thru to a Wave, Chain Reaction | Reactivate | Nuclear Reaction

Bill's Cloverleaf Turn definition
(Interlocked) Collapse the <formation>
ends Detour; centers Step and (Cross) Fold
Common Spot
Designated dancers or those in right-hand miniwaves act as if they have just collided onto the same spot. Each dancer acts as if they are on the shared spot instead of the post-collision spot.
Connect the Diamond
centers Hinge and Extend; point Fold or Cross Fold as necessary to make a box
Continue to [Magic] [Cross] Invert
Starting as if a partial Invert the Column has just finished, continue as many more quarters as specified (default 1)

Bill's Continue to Invert definition
Contour the Line
  1. Hinge
  2. Split Circulate
  3. Split Circulate
  4. Hinge
Convert the Triangle
From a tandem-based triangle: lead base 1/2 Run as others Extend to each other. Makes a wave-based triangle.
From a wave/couple-based triangle: apex steps ahead, any in-facing bases step behind original apex, other bases 1/2 Run

Bill's Convert the Triangle definition
From columns:
  1. Circulate
  2. 1/2 Circulate
  3. center 6 Invert the Column 2/3
  4. remaining centers Diamond Drop In

Bill's Cooperate definition
  1. ends trade; centers Counter Rotate
  2. ends Split Counter Rotate; centers "anchor the (new) trailing center for a trade:" lead center does a Cross Run, dragging the adjacent trailing center
(Cross) Counterpoint
centers Recycle (Cross Cycle); ends Counter Rotate
  1. ends 1/4 right; centers Shakedown
  2. ends Counter Rotate; centers Veer left
  3. ends Twosome Drop In; centers As Couples Extend
(<anything>) Cover Up (but <anything>)
  1. Circulate/<anything> Circulate/<anything>
  2. 1/2 Circulate
  3. Centers Recycle/<anything>; ends Pass In
Bill's Cover Up definition
centers Lock It; ends Hinge
Create a Column
those in a column Circulate twice; others Butterfly or O Circlate twice

Bill's Create a Column definition
Create a Diamond
Slant (Right) Touch and 1/2 Tag
Criss Cross the Diamond
  1. Criss Cross the Deucey
  2. Centers Hinge
  3. Diamond Circulate
  4. Centers Hinge
Bill's Criss Cross the Diamond definition
1/4 | 3/4 Cross
  1. Arm Turm 1/4 | 3/4
  2. Centers Cross Run
Bill's 1/4 Cross definition
Cross and Divide
From any line of 4: The centers do 1/2 of a Cross Run to finish on one side of a couple facing out. The ends Quarter Out and get on the appropriate other side of the resulting couple.

Bill's Cross and Divide definition
Cross Breed Thru
  1. Slide Thru
  2. trailers Left Pass Thru
Bill's Cross Breed Thru definition
Cross Follow Thru
  • trailers Cross Extend, Hinge
  • leaders 1/2 Split Circulate
Cross to a Diamond/Interlocked Diamond/Hourglass
centers Crossover Circulate; ends face in and tag to a <formation>

Bill's Cross to a Diamond/Interlocked Diamond/Hourglass definition
Cross Horseshoe Turn
outsides Cross Cloverleaf; centers 1/4 In, Cross Trail Thru

Bill's Cross Horseshoe Turn definition
Cross Linear Cycle
Initially Once Removed Linear Cycle

Bill's Cross Linear Cycle definition
Cross Sashay
centers Slither, step ahead; ends Cross Fold

Bill's Cross Sashay definition
Cross the Ocean
  1. Vertical 1/2 Tag
  2. Weave
Bill's Cross the Ocean definition
Cross the Top
  1. Spin the Top
  2. Spread
Bill's Cross the Top definition
Cross Town Roll
equivalent to Trade and Extend, except that the traders go in front of each other rather than around (as in Salty Dog Rag or Rory O'More)

Bill's Cross Town Roll definition
Curl Apart
  1. Curl Thru
  2. original centers Flip away; original ends Press Ahead
Cheat: Slip, Switch
Curl Thru
centers Trade; ends Cross Fold
Curli Pass
  1. Curlique
  2. those facing Pass Thru
Bill's Curli Pass definition
Curli Wheel
Culique; trailers Cross Extend, Trade, step back as leads Run Left

Bill's Curli Wheel definition
boys: Touch 1/4
girls: Touch 1/4 but turn 3/4 to the left

Bill's Curlique definition
Curve <direction>
Press <direction> with a 1/4 turn in <direction>. "In" and "out" are relative to the whole formation.
Cut Across
From a generic 2x4: identify leaders/trailers of each box of 4. Working to concentric spots, leaders Partner Tag, Trade; trailers Trade, Partner Tag. Lines to lines/columns to columns does not apply.

Bill's Cut Across definition
(Cross) Cy-Kick
centers 2/3 (Cross) Recycle; ends Beaus Kickoff
Deuces Wild
centers Trade, ends Zoom Bill's Deuces Wild definition
<i - j - k - l> Quarter the Deucey
Replace the 4 turning components of 1/4 the Deucey with the given fractions:
  1. Cast Off <i>/4
  2. centers Cast Off <j>/4; ends Hourglass Circulate
  3. centers turn the star <k>/4
  4. those who meet Cast Off <l>/4; other center Hourglass Circulate
For calls that involve sequences of arm turns (Swing Thru, 1/4 Thru, Swing the Fractions, etc.) all arm turns that would involve centers and ends are turned into that many Diamond Circulates, and all arm turns that would take place in the center are done just by the center two people.

For calls that involve sequences of arm turns (Swing Thru, 1/4 Thru, Swing the Fractions, etc.) all arm turns that would involve centers and ends are turned into that many Diamond Circulates, and all arm turns that would take place in the center are done just by the center two people.
Diamond Inlet/Outlet
Diamond Inlet: lead end and adjacent center 2/3 Recycle; others Inlet (to a diamond)
Diamond Outlet: (from a diamond) points Split Circulate, Hinge; others Outlet

Bill's Diamond Inlet/Outlet definition
Diamond Recycle
From a diamond:
  1. centers Hinge
  2. Wheel and Deal
From facing couples/a box: beaus/trailers Extend, Hinge; others Recycle
Bill's Diamond Recycle definition
The Difference
  1. Cast Off 3/4
  2. Slip
  3. Cast Off 3/4
Divvy Up
centers Single Wheel; ends Divide

Bill's Divvy Up definition
Dixie Chain
  1. belles step ahead
  2. belles/centers Right Pull By
  3. all Left Pull By with the others, who then Right Pull By with each other.
  4. those who can (in group of four) Left Pull By
Bill's Dixie Chain definition
Dixie Daisy
  1. belles step ahead and Right Pull By
  2. Left Turn Thru
  3. original belles Right Pull By
      Bill's Dixie Daisy definition
[Dixie] Derby
[Dixie Style to a Wave;] centers Trade and Spread as ends Fold; ends step into vacated space

Bill's Derby/Dixie Derby definition
Detract <n> | <anything>
  1. centers Box Counter Rotate; outsides Detour
  2. centers 1/2 Box Circulate; outsides Hinge
  3. centers Cast Off 3/4 or <anything>; outsides Phantom Hourglass Circulate

Bill's Detract definition
Dixie Spin
  1. Dixie Style to a Wave
  2. Fan the Top
<tagging call> and Dodge
  1. <tagging call> 1/2
  2. Scoot and Dodge
(Cross) Double Down
end trailer and adjacent center Split Circulate twice; others (Crossover) Circulate
Double the Wave
  1. Fan the Top
  2. very center 2 Trade
(Criss (Cross)) Double Your Pleasure
From columns: #1 Peel Off (Trail Off) and Circulate. Others (Criss: Cross) Extend and Trade. New #1 Peel Off (Trail Off), others (Criss: Cross) Extend and Trade.
Drag the <anyone>
Non-designees do the call normally. Designees maintain a rigid relationship with the adjacent non-designee.
<tagging call> Dream | Nightmare
  1. <tagging call> to the 3/4 position
  2. outsides 1/4 Right (Dream) | left (Nightmare), Circulate (1 position); center wave Swing, Slip, Slide Thru
Easy Does It
Concentric Zing
(Reverse) Echo <concept>
Apply the concept to the call, and then execute the call without the concept. For Reverse Echo, first execute the call without the concept, and then apply the concept to the call.
Do the turning motions of the call without moving from your original spot.
Ends Cut In
ends Crossover Circulate; centers Flip Out

Bill's Ends Cut In definition
ends Isolate; centers U-Turn Back towards each other

Bill's Erase definition
<tagging call> | Switch Eroo
<tagging call> | Switch to a Diamond; ends 1/4 to handhold and Circulate as centers Cast Off 3/4

Bill's Eroo definition
Explode the [Cross] Clover
ends [Cross] Cloverleaf, centers Trade and Roll

Bill's Explode the Clover definition
From columns:
  1. Trailers Press Out
  2. Couples Circulate, interrupt after a half with a centers Slip

Bill's Explosion definition
Fall Into a Column
From 1/4 Tag: Center of the wave fold behind end of the wave and step ahead to become #1 and #2 of a column. Ends walk and dodge to make room for wave dancers.
Fan the Gate <anything>
centers Cast Off 3/4 and very Centers Cast Off 3/4 while ends circulate 1 1/2; new ends Bend the Line (not Concentrically) or <anything> (do not apply Concentric opposite elongation rule).
Fan (and Cross) Thru
  1. Touch
  2. Slip
  3. Step (Cross Trail) Thru
Fiddle Around
Straightfire Like a Couple Up

Bill's Fiddle Around definition
Finish <anything>
Do the <anything> call omitting the first part.
ceder.net Finish definition
<anyone> Finish the Stack
designees cross to the other side of their 2x2 and make a right-hand box

Bill's Finish the Stack definition
First Choice | <anything>
leads Switch With the Flow; trailers Extend, Lock the Hinge
Flare the Star
  1. 1/2 Reverse Swap Around
  2. Counter Rotate the Diamond 1/4
  3. Reverse Flip the Diamond
  4. Chain Down the Line
      Bill's Flare the Star definition
[Reverse] Flip the <formation>
Flip the <formation>: those far apart Flip in, others <formation> circulate
Reverse Flip the <formation>: those close together Flip Out, others <formation> circulate

Bill's Flip the <formation> definition
<tagging call>-ers Flow (but (Criss) Cross It)
  1. <tagging call> 1/2
  2. Flow: Tandem Trade
    but Cross It: Tandem Cross Roll
    but Criss Cross It: Tandem Trade the Wave
  3. Slip
Follow and (Criss) Cross
  1. Scoot Back
  2. (Cross) Extend
  3. outsides 1/4 to original handhold and Circulate; centers Cast Off 3/4
Modify the first arm turn of the call: Generous - +1/4, Stingy - -1/4
Go First Class
leaders Switch, trailers Scatter Circulate
Grand Working <direction>
Execute the 4-person call working with your group of 2 and the group of 2 in the given direction. See Miscellaneous Notions.
From 1/4 tag spots: centers 2/3 Linear Cycle; ends Reverse Single Rotate and Split Counter Rotate
Gruesome Twosome
Facing couples Cross Cycle
Hang a Left | Right
From a completed DPT: As Couples and in Tandem, Left | Right Roll to a Wave
Hang Loose
lead center Cross Fold as others Peel and Trail; peelers and adjacent dancers Trade; those facing Pass In as others step forward, connect and Bend the Line
Hinge the Top
  1. Hinge
  2. Fan the Top
Hit the Wall
centers Pass Out; ends Partner Tag
Hot Foot Spin
  1. Fan the Top
  2. Center 2 Trade
  3. Spin the Top
Hourglass Inlet | Outlet
Hourglass Inlet: outeractives Diamond Inlet (2/3 Recycle); others Inlet and centers Snake Hourglass Outlet: outsides Diamond Outlet (Split Circulate and Hinge); centers Drop In, Hinge, fudge to 2x4

Bill's Hourglass Inlet | Outlet definition
Interlocked Parallelograms
Reds work with reds, blues work with blues:

Bill's Interlocked Parallelograms definition
Interlocked Phantom <formation>
Stolen from ceder.net: From a 4 x 4 Matrix, visualized as 4 adjacent Columns | Lines | Waves. Those in each Outside Column | Line | Wave work with those in the far Center Column | Line | Wave in a (Disconnected) 2 x 4 Matrix.

Interlocked Phantom Columns | Lines | Waves Concept (Vic & Debbie Ceder)
Phantom/Split Phantom/Interlocked Phantom Formation (Keith Rubow)
centers do the ends' part, ends do the centers' part

Bill's Invert definition
ends' part of Lockit/Fan the Top (1x4 Split Counter Rotate)
Jam Thru
  1. Pass Thru
  2. new centers Pass Thru, 1/4 In, Pass Thru; ends Cross Cloverleaf
Stolen from ceder.net: Work in a Distorted Box with the dancers with whom you would normally Jay Walk. At the end of the call re-establish the footprints of those four positions.
Directions are relative to center dancers.

Jay Concept (Keith Rubow)
Jay Concept [C3A] (Vic & Debbie Ceder)
Kick the Habit
ends Counter Rotate; leads of center box Kick Off
Lead the Class
leads Follow Your Leader; trailers Extend, Recycle, Plus 2, face the center

Bill's Lead the Class definition
Lead the Way
Usually from columns:
  1. ends Trade; centers Peel Off
  2. ends Roll; centers Bend the Line

Bill's Lead the Way definition
Like A
Do only the last part of the call.
Line to Line
  1. centers Turn Thru; outsides Pass In
  2. Clover and Pass Thru
  3. all Pass In
Linear Action but Cross It
Linear Action but Slither and Cast Off 3/4

Bill's Linear Action but Cross It definition
Lines Walk <direction>
ends Pass Thru and step ahead; all face the <direction> and adjust to lines.

Bill's Lines Walk <direction> definition
(Cross) Lock'em Up
  1. (Cross) Lockit
  2. Hinge
  3. centers Hinge, ends Counter Rotate
  4. centers Lockit, ends Roll
Long Trip
  1. Short Trip
  2. center box Pass Thru; others Cross Fold
(Cross) Make a Pass
From 1/4 tag spots:
  1. those facing directly (Cross) Pass Thru
  2. centers Cast Off 3/4; ends Trade and Roll
(<anyone>) Mark Time
Designees or #1 and #2 Run, Circulate, Trade, Roll; others Partner Tag, Wheel and Deal
From a general tandem: trailer steps forward and to the right to make a couple with the leader (with breathing)

Bill's Mesh definition
Mimic <position>
  1. Insert a phantom for each real dancer, so that the real dancer is in the given <anyone>
  2. Execute the call with these phantoms
  3. Remove the phantoms, compressing the ending formation down to be as similar to the starting position (without the phantoms) as possible
The Mimic Concept: Centers and Ends (Sue Curtis)
The Mimic Concept (Sue Curtis)
Mini Pleasure
From a columns: #1 Peel as others Extend and Trade; center two spread apart, peeler Press In into the space, lead end U-Turn Back

Bill's Mini Pleasure definition
Mix the Line
As Couples Quarter Out, and put the original belle-side couple in front of the other couple

Bill's Mix the Line definition
More or Less
Mystic, Mystic Triple Boxes
Mystic: centers work Mirror; outsides work normal
Mystic Triple Boxes: center Triple Box work Mirror; outside Triple Boxes work normal
Invert Mystic: outsides work Mirror; centers work normal
Invert Mystic Triple Boxes: outside Triple Boxes work Mirror; center Triple Box work normal

Bill's Mystic definition
Nice and Easy
centers Trade and Roll; ends Zing

Bill's Nice and Easy definition
  1. Hinge
  2. Cross
Nip and Tuck
From couples back-to-back: Belles 3/4 Zoom, Beaus Run and Wheel Thru
Cheat: Couples Twosome Latch On
[Left] [Twin] Orbit Circulate
Rightmost [leftmost] [all] lead "Crossover Zoom" (Zoom and Spread to other side of 2x2), others Trade Circulate

Bill's Orbit definition
  1. Out Roll Circulate 1/2 (Here Comes the Judge if necessary)
  2. center 6 Trade
  3. center wave Ah So; ends O Circulate twice
Pass the Top
From facing lines: centers Spin the Top, Explode, Spread apart; ends Pass Thru, Bend the Line, Pass In, step into vacated space
[Cross] Pair the Line
centers U-Turn Back; ends Fold
Cross Pair the Line: centers Trade; ends Cross Fold

Bill's Pair the Line definition
Peel the Deal
Loop and Tag 0

Bill's Peel the Deal definition
Phantom <formation>s
Extension of Phantom Columns | Lines | Waves (C3B):
From four adjacent <formation>s, the center two work together and the outside two work together to do the 8-person call.
Phantom [Twosome] <group>
Expand the setup to a 4x4 if possible, and then, with phantoms where necessary, form the required (Twosome) <group> and do the call. If there are intially dancers outside of a 4x4 matrix, expand the setup to a 2x8.
Phantom Offset Columns | Lines | Waves
Each dancer works in a 4x4 matrix with the other spots in their Offset 2x4.

Bill's Phantom Offset definition
Piecewise <concept>
Apply the given concept to each part of the call, reevaluating position after each part.
<anyone> Pinwheel
The designated couple does a Cast Off 3/4 to finish as the outsides of a starting DPT. The others Wheel and Deal to become the centers.

Bill's Pinwheel definition
Plus <n>
After any call that has a natural veering or sweeping direction, everyone slides laterally in that direction that number of half matrix spots.

Bill's Plus <n> definition
From two-faced lines: centers Scoot Back and Press Ahead (to become #1 and #2 of columns); ends Tandem Cross Fold (to become #3 and #4 of columns)
Explode the Wave

Bill's Pop definition
Press for Time
#3 and #4 Press Out; #1 and #2 Phantom Run and Circulate

Bill's Press for Time definition
Push Off
  1. Zip Code 1
  2. new ends Touch 3/4; new centers Fan the Top and Hinge
Push Open the Gate
Put Centers In (if necessary), Cast Off 3/4, centers Pass Thru, ends Bend and Slide Thru

Bill's Push Open the Gate definition
Quadruple <formation>
Stolen from ceder.net: Quadruple <formation>s consist of four adjacent <formation>s some of which have positions occupied by phantoms. Typically, the given <formation> is a 4-dancer formation such as a Box, Column, Diamond, Line, or Wave.


  • Quadruple <formation> is analogous to Triple <formation> except that there are 4 occurrences of the given formations instead of 3.
  • When doing a call in Quadruple <formation>, work only with the dancers and phantoms within your formation. Shape-changing calls will end in a different set of Quadruple <formation>s.
Quick Change
  1. ends Circulate; centers Trade
  2. ends Face In; centers Roll
(Magic) Quick Wrap
From columns: #1 and #2 (Magic) Split Counter Rotate; #3 and #4 (Magic) Circulate and Reset 1/2
"Magic Split Counter Rotate" (not a real call): #1 Split Counter Rotate; #2 Magic Circulate and 1/4 In
Reactivate | Coordinate to a Diamond
Reactivate | Coordinate, resulting centers Hinge

Bill's Reactivate | Coordinate to a Diamond definition
centers Spin the Windmill; ends Cast Back/Divide and Touch 3/4

Bill's Reciprocate definition
end looking out and adjacent 2/3 Recycle; others anchor the center for a Cast 1/4 In
Relay the Diamond
Swing 1/2. Centers Cast Off 3/4, Slip, and Swing; others Circluate twice. Diamond Circlate. Centers Cast Off 3/4

Bill's Relay the Diamond definition
<i - j - k - l> Relay the Top
Replace the 4 turning components of Relay the Top with the given fractions:
  1. Cast Off <i>/4
  2. centers Cast Off <j>/4; ends 1/2 Circulate
  3. centers turn the star <k>/4; outsides Trade
  4. those who meet Cast Off <l>/4; others Hourglass Circulate
Relay Your Pleasure
From a tidal wave:
  1. Trade
  2. center 6 Cast Off 3/4; outer 2 Isolate
  3. center 2 spread apart; Isolaters press into space; others leads U-Turn Back

Bill's Relay Your Pleasure definition
Remember the Alamo
outer actives Ah So; others Split Counter Rotate

Bill's Remember the Alamo definition
(Cross) Replace the Column
  1. (Cross) Invert the Column 3/4
  2. Outer columns of 3: #1 and #2 continue Counter Rotate to become ends of lines; #3 moves forward to make a line with the very centers
  3. Center 2/3 (Cross) Recycle
Does this call actually have parts?
Retreat the Line
As Couples 1/4 Out

Bill's Retreat the Line definition
Reverse the Diamond
centers Trade the Wave; ends U-Turn Back

Bill's Reverse the Diamond definition
Reverse Order
Stolen from ceder.net: Do the parts of the given call in reverse order.
Now C3B.
Revert <tagging call>
<tagging call> 1/2; Cast Off 3/4; finish <tagging call>
Revolve to a Wave
From Vic Ceder's definitions: trailers On Your Own Facing Recycle, leads On Your Own Mini-Chase and Hinge
Ride the Tide
From an 8-chain:
  1. Cross Trail Thru
  2. Clover and Square Thru 2
  3. Slide Thru
<direction> Rigger
Right | Left On <n> [and <m>/4]
Square Thru <n>, but on the last hand Cast Off 3/4 [<m>/4] and Roll

Bill's Right On definition
Right Roll The
From couples back-to-back: 1/2 Ripoff (beaus 1/2 Run; belles 1/2 Zoom)

Bill's Right Roll The definition
Rip the Line
centers U-Turn Back (Pair the Line), ends Cross Fold (Cross Pair the Line)

Bill's Rip the Line definition
Rip Saw
  • ends Cross Fold; centers Partner Tag with each other
  • original ends Pass Thru; original centers Cloverleaf
Roll 'Em
end belle (judge) Zoom; others Run towards vacated spot

Bill's Roll 'Em definition
Roll Out the Barrel
From back-to-back lines:
  1. right couple: Link Up; left couple: Tag the Line
  2. right couple: Circulate; left couple: Face In
  3. right couple: Circulate; left couple: trailers' part of Link Up (As Couples Extend, Crossfire)
Does this call actually have parts?
Roll Out to a Column
  1. ends Right Anchor 1/4; centers 1/4 Right
  2. ends Roll; centers Counter Rotate
  3. Press Ahead
Roll the Line
1/4 away from the center of the wave, individually Peel in flow direction and adjust to couples

Bill's Roll the Line definition
In | Out | Zoom ... Roll to a Wave
ends do their part of In | Out | Zoom ... Roll Circulate; centers slide in usual direction and Hinge

Bill's In | Out | Zoom ... Roll to a Wave definition
Rolling | Flowing | Sweeping
Replace the first part of the call with And Roll | With the Flow | Sweep 1/4 (flow direction comes from preceding call_
Rotary Circulate
leaders 1/2 Split Circulate, Circulate, Circulate, last 1/2 of a Split Circulate; trailers Extend, Contour the Line, Extend
Cheat: Follow Thru, Circulate twice, Any Shoulder 1/2 Tag.
(<formation>) (Reverse) (Single) Rotate <n>/4
Shamelessly stolen from Vic Ceder's definitions:
  1. Identify the center point of your setup: flagpole center unless:
    • If you are in a 2 x 4 formation and are in Lines, the center point is the Center of each Box (i.e., work Split).
    • If Rotate is preceded by the term Split, then divide your formation into two equal subformations. The center point is the Center of your subformation. From a 2 x 4, Split means to divide the setup into two 2 x 2s, not two 1 x 4s.
    • If Rotate is preceded by the name of a formation in which to work, the center point is the Center of that formation.
  2. Turn 1/4 relative to the center point:
    RotateAs Couples 1/4 To Promenade
    Reverse RotateAs Couples 1/4 To Reverse Promenade
    Single RotateIndividually 1/4 To Promenade
    Reverse Single RotateIndividually 1/4 To Reverse Promenade
  3. Counter Rotate <n>/4 around that center point.
Round and Cross
Round Off blending into everyone 1/2 Sashay

Bill's Round and Cross definition
Round Off
  1. 1/4 away from the center
  2. Tandem U-Turn Back inward
Bill's Round Off definition
Round the Horn
ends Round Off and Pass Thru; centers Run and Pass Thru

Bill's Round the Horn definition
(Cross) Run Away
centers (Cross) Run and Roll; ends 1/4 In, Touch 1/2 by the right
<anyone> Run the Wheel
  1. designees Run; others (On Your Own) Trade
  2. designees Curve in the same direction as the Run; others Roll
<anyone> Run the Top
  1. Designees Run
  2. Fan the Top
Run Wild
  1. Cross Roll to a Wave | Line
  2. Cross Roll to a Line | Wave
Sandwich <call1> around <call2>
Execute <call1>, interrupt after 1/2 with <call2>.
Sashay Thru
  1. Dosado 3/4
  2. Slither
Bill's Sashay Thru definition
  1. ends Divide; centers Hinge (Touch 1/4 if facing)
  2. ends Touch 1/4; centers Box Circulate
Bill's Scamper definition
Replace initial leads Split Circulate with Leads Circulate

Bill's Scatter definition
Scoot Apart
leaders Box Circulate 1 1/2; trailers Extend, Trade and Spread
Set Back
  1. Trade
  2. Lines Cross Back Thru
Bill's Set Back definition
Sets in Motion +1, +2
Sets in Motion: 1st person in column turns left, 2nd person turns right
Plus 1: additional 3rd person turns left
Plus 2: additional 4th person turns right

Bill's Sets in Motion +1, +2 definition
Settle Back
  1. Reset 1/2
  2. centers Cross Back; ends O Circulate twice
Shadow <formation>
Outsides (who are in tandem) 1/2 Zoom; Cast Off 3/4. Center <formation> does the given call.
[Criss Cross] Shadow the Column
"Cast a Shadow from a column":
  • #1 and #3 1/2 Zoom (to opposite hand), Cast Off 3/4, Spread
  • #2 Cloverleaf (one spot farther)
  • #4 Circulate, (Cross) Extend, Hinge, Extend
[[Criss] Cross] Shadow to a Diamond
ends Cast a Shadow, centers Concentric Peel and Trail

Cross: center trailers Cross Extend and Trade; Criss Cross: center trailers Cross Extend and Trade, ends 1/2 Zoom to inside hand

Bill's Shadow to a Diamond definition
Shift <n>
For a call with m parts: do parts n + 1 through m, and then parts 1 through n. "Shifty" is equivalent to "Shift 1."
Ship Ahoy
outer actives Recycle | Wheel and Deal; others centers Shove Off inward

Bill's Ship Ahoy definition
Short and Sweet
From 2x2: leaders Mini Chase; trailers Short Cut

Bill's Short and Sweet definition
Short Cut
From facing couples: beaus (phantom) Touch 1/4; belles Partner Tag
Short Cycle
centers U-Turn Back toward the nearest end, Couples Hinge
Short Trip
lead end and adjacent center Squeeze; others Circulate
<anyone> (1 x n) Shove Off
From ceder.net: Designated dancer Phanton Run (one position away from non-designated dancer) as non-designated dancer moves into designated dancer's vacated position without changing facing direction
Shove Off at ceder.net
Bill's Shove Off definition
Shuffle and Wheel
belle-side couple Wheel and Deal to make facing couples with the beau-side couple

Bill's Shuffle and Wheel definition
Shuffle the Deck
As Couples Single Shuffle

Bill's Shuffle the Deck definition
Shuttle <direction> | <anything>
  1. Pass Thru
  2. centers Slide Thru, ends 1/4 <direction> or do the <anything> call
Bill's Shuttle definition
Siamese Breakdown
laterally adjacent people Single Wheel; while vertically adjacent people Single Turn to a Line.

Bill's Siamese Breakdown definition
Pair up all the dancers doing the original call so that each pair has a common facing direction at the start and end of the call, and may reasonably dance the call so as to retain a common facing direction throughout the call. Replace each such pair with a single dancer midway between the two, facing the same direction.
The Single Concept (J. Eric Brosius)
[Grand] Single [Cross] Concentric
Single Concentric is a 4-person version of Concentric. It is applied to 2-person calls. Grand Single Concentric: center 2 work with each other in the very center, the next 2 work around them, and so on.

Bill's Single Concentric definition
Single File
Converts a call that starts from a 2x2 to start from a 1x4, where the centers do the part that crosses the center line of the 2x2 first.
Single Hinge and Trade
  1. Hinge
  2. centers Trade
  3. Roll

Bill's Single Hinge and Trade definition
Single Scoot and Trade
From a single 1/4 Tag:
  1. Scoot Back
  2. outsides 1/4 to handhold; centers Hinge
  3. Lockit
Bill's Single Scoot and Trade definition
Single Shuffle
from a couple, put the belle in front of the beau

Bill's Single Shuffle definition
Work solidly/twosomely with your diagonal person in a 2x2 box.
Slim Down
centers Step/Slide out as outsides Step/Slide in
Snag the <anyone>
Centers or <anyone> do the first half of the call, others do the full call.
From a miniwave:
  1. Quarter In
  2. Step to opposite hand
Partner Tag

Bill's Snap definition
Snap the Diamond
  1. Diamond Partner Tag
  2. outsides Partner Tag, centers Right Roll to a Wave
Bill's Snap the Diamond definition
Snap the Tag n/4
  1. Partner Tag
  2. ends U-Turn Back
  3. Extend n times
Soft Touch | <anything>
From a line or diamond: centers Hinge and Flip away; others 1/4 In, Step Ahead, Touch/<anything>
Spin Back
  1. Trade
  2. centers Cast Off 3/4; ends U-Turn Back
<tagging call> and Spin <direction> | <anything>
  1. <tagging call> 3/4
  2. centers Cast Off 3/4; ends 1/4 <direction> | <anything>
Bill's <tagging call> and Spin definition
Spin Chain and Circulate In
  1. Trade
  2. 3/4 Chain and Circulate In (ends Circulate, Crossover Circulate; centers Cast Off <n>/4, very centers Trade, Cast Off 3/4, Spread)
Bill's Spin Chain and Circulate In definition
Spin Chain and Circulate the Gears
Spin Chain the Gears, adding an ends Circulate after every ends U-Turn Back:
  1. Trade
  2. centers Cast Off 3/4; ends U-Turn Back
  3. Turn the stars 3/4
  4. very centers Trade; ends U-Turn Back
  5. centers Cast Off 3/4; ends Circulate
Bill's Spin Chain and Circulate the Gears definition
Spin Chain the Star
2-3-2-3 Quarter the Deucey

Bill's Spin Chain the Star definition
Spin Tag the Deucey [<direction>]
From waves:
  1. Swing
  2. centers Cast Off 3/4
  3. ends Partner Tag with each other; very centers Trade
  4. ends Quarter right | <direction> and Circulate; centers Cast Off 3/4
Spin a Wheel
  1. Couples Hinge
  2. Triple Trade
  3. Couples Hinge
Bill's Spin a Wheel definition
Splash <direction> | <anything>
outer actives (lead end and adjacent center) Explode the Wave | Line; inner actives Vertical Tag, <direction> | <anything>

Bill's Splash definition
Split Cast (<fraction>)
  1. ends Hinge
  2. all Cast Off 1/2 (<fraction>)
Square Out
centers Square Thru 4; ends 8 Chain 2, Square Thru 2
Square the Barge [<n>/4]
From columns:
  1. Square Thru 4 [fraction]
  2. Trade By
Square the Barge the Action: Square Thru <n>, The Action

Bill's Square the Barge definition
Square the Bases + 2
Square the Bases but replace the Split Square Thru 2 with a Split Square Thru 4

Bill's Square the Bases +2 definition
Square Turn Thru <n>
Square Thru <n>, replacing the last natural Pull By with a natural Turn Thru -- Square Thru <n - 1 >, 1/4 In, natural Turn Thru
<n/4> Stable
Turn n quarters, and then work Stable

Bill's Fractional Stable definition
Stack the Wheel
  1. As Couples Hinge
  2. Individually Roll
<anyone> are Standard in <phantom formation>: everyone splits the formation as the designees would for the given formation.

Bill's Standard definition
Star to a Wave
  1. 1/2 Reverse Split Swap (beaus Extend to each other, belles 1/2 Flip left)
  2. Counter Rotate the diamond 1/2 | <star turn amount>
  3. Flip the Diamond
Step Lively
  1. Detour
  2. Slim Down
  3. Circulate
The end looking in (who must be in line-like orientation) does a Cross Over Circulate, while the others do the call normally.

The Straight Concept (Dan Neumann)
[Cross] Straight Away [but <anything>]
end of center line press ahead and Release Recycle | <anything> with appropriate outside dancer; very centers flip out; other outside dancer Press Ahead (Cross: Press In)

Bill's Straight Away definition
Strike Out
  1. Centers Hinge
  2. All Collapse
Stroll Down the Lane
From facing lines: left end presses out, ends Recycle, ends Veer Left; center Hammerlane, Step Ahead
Stroll and Cycle | <anything>
Center 2 Trade; ends of center line Extend to the nearest outside, Release Recycle | <anything>, Plus 2; other outsides Extend to very centers and Extend as couple.

Bill's Stroll and Cycle definition
Swap the Windmill
1/2 [Reverse] [Cross] Swap Around; "centers" adjust to a wave in the middle and Swing, Slip, Cast Off 3/4 as outsides Circulate twice

Bill's Swap the Windmill definition
Swing About
Swing, Slip, About (Explode)

Bill's Swing About definition
Swing Chain ...
A call that starts with the phrase "Swing Chain" is like the equivalent "Spin Chain" call, except that all 3/4 Casts and Star Turns are changed to 1/4. Trades and Star Turns of 1/2 are not affected.

Bill's Swing Chain Thru definition
Swing to a Column
centers Trade, Roll, walk forward (passing right) to become #1 and #2 of a column; outsides Divide, Touch, "Flip the Line 1/2" to become #3 and #4 of a column

Bill's Swing to a Column definition
<anyone> [Cross] Swivel
From a couple: <anyone> [Cross] Fold; Single Circle to a Wave in flow direction

Bill's Swivel definition
Tag Circulate
leaders Tag the Line, face right; trailers Circulate

Bill's Tag Circulate definition
Tag the Star <n> / 4
  1. Beaus Extend to each other; Belles 1/2 Flip left to a right-hand diamond (1/2 Reverse Swap Around)
  2. Split Counter Rotate 1/2 | <star-turn amount>, Points Roll
  3. Extend to <n> / 4 Tag
Tap the <anyone>
  1. Pass Thru
  2. Designees (reevaluated) U-Turn Back
  3. Box Counter Rotate
  4. Roll
Bill's Tap definition
  1. Hinge
  2. Split Counter Rotate
(Cross) <anyone> Tie
  1. Peel (Trail) Off
  2. original designees Couples Circulate, others Bend the Line
  3. original designees Bend the Line, others Couples Circulate
<anyone> Tip Toe [Thru the Tulips]
designees Press Ahead, dragging their partners with them [, non-designees Run]

Bill's Tip Toe definition
<tagging call> to a Diamond | Interlocked Diamond | Hourglass
centers do your part <tagging call> 3/4 and 1/4 to wave direction; ends do your part Switch to a <formation> (This definition breaks down if the call is fractionalized?)
<tagging call> to a Z: <tagging call> 3/4, ends 1/4 to wave direction, Roll, and adjust to stand behind appropriate center
Touch and Go <call1> | <m>/4 x <call2> | <n>/4
From columns: 1/2 Circulate; outer 2 Isolate and Circulate as others Cast Off <n>/4 | <call1>; those who meet, center 4 Cast Off <m>/4 | <call2> as other 2 Isolate.
3/4 <tagging call> and Trade
  1. 3/4 <tagging call>
  2. centers Trade the Wave; ends Trade
Bill's 3/4 <tagging call> and Trade definition
Touch of Class
leads Switch, Circulate; trailers Extend, Recycle, Plus 2 (Slide 1 position in veering direction)
Touch Tone <m>/4 x <n>/4
trailers Extend to each other and Cast Off <m>/4; leads Extend, Cast Back, meet each other with the same hand they had in the original wave, Cast Off <n/4>

Bill's Touch Tone definition
[Interlocked] Trace
Each end of the center line, and his adjacent ([Once-Removed]) person, do the first call with the outside people that he faces. That call is done in a distorted 2x2 box. Those outsides work with the other two people in the center line for the second call, which is also done in a distorted 2x2 box.

Bill's Trace definition
(Cross) Trade Your Neighbor (<direction>)
trailers (Cross) Follow Your Neighbor; leads step ahead, 1/4 Right | <direction>, Circulate
Trail Chain Thru
Peel Chain Thru but replace the outsides' initial Cast Back with a Cross Cast Back
Trans (Open Ups) <anything> | Transaction | Transactivate
  1. Transfer (Open Up) and Cast Off 3/4
  2. <anything> | Chain Reaction | Reactivate
Trim the Web
centers Trade, outside 6 Turn the Star 2/3, outsides adjust to form a couple facing in

Bill's Trim the Web definition
Triple Cast
Center 6 Cast Off 3/4 as ends U-Turn Back; very centers and ends Phantom Hourglass Circulate ("Move Up")

Bill's Triple Cast definition
Triple Turn
  1. Turn to a Line
  2. Turn and Deal
  3. Turn to a Line
Bill's Triple Turn definition
Triple Wheel
  1. Wheel to a Line
  2. Wheel and Deal
  3. Wheel to a Line
Bill's Triple Wheel definition
Trixie, Trixie Spin
leads 1/4 In, trailers 1/4 Out

Trixie Spin:
  1. Trixie
  2. Cast Off 3/4
  3. Centers Cross Run
Bill's Trixie definition
<solid group> <n/4> Twosome
Each <solid group> adds up their total turning action (in either direction) until they reach <n/4> total turns, and then works <group-some> for the rest of the call.

The Fractional Twosome Concept (Scott Morton & Sue Curtis)
Tunnel (Thru) <anything> | <direction>
  • centers Partner Tag, step Ahead, Trade with each other
  • ends Cross Concentric Vertical Tag 1/2 (all the way) and 1/4 <direction> or do the <anything> call.
Turn and Left Thru
  1. Turn Thru
  2. Courtesy Turn
Bill's Turn and Left Thru definition
(Split) Turn and Q
  1. Turn Thru
  2. 1/4 In (face others)
  3. Left Turn Thru
Turn By
Single Trade By or Single Eight Chain 1 as needed. Outsides always turn to the right.

Bill's Turn By definition
Turn and Weave
(Touch and) Trade, (Extend,) Weave

Bill's Turn and Weave definition
Turn Away
Belles Peel Off and Circulate; Beaus Trail Off
Turn On
  1. Split Counter Rotate
  2. Extend
Cast Off 3/4; Slither
  • centers: 1/4 Right; Once Removed Circulate twice
  • ends: move in; (Box?) Single Rotate 1/2
At the inception of a Twisted call, you and another dancer define a 1x2 formation. Begin to dance the call until the long axis of your 1x2 formation changes. At this point, counter rotate a 1/4 around the point between the two of you, in flow direction of the person or persons who have a flow direction. Then finish the call. Twisted applies only to the first part of the call.

Twisted Concept (Clark Baker)
Twosome <n/4> Solid
Each twosome adds up their total turning action (in either direction) until they reach <n/4> total turns, and then works solid for the rest of the call.

The Fractional Twosome Concept (Scott Morton & Sue Curtis)
Veer and Turn <m/4> x <n/4>
  1. Veer in flow direction
  2. centers Cast Off <m/4>; ends <n/4> In
Bill's Veer and Turn definition
Walk the (Cross) Clover
outsides (Cross) Cloverleaf; centers Touch 1/4, Walk and Dodge

Bill's Walk the Clover definition
Vertical Turn and Deal
  1. Vertical Tag the Line 1/2
  2. Those who could Roll before the Extends do so ("delayed" Roll)
Walk Out to a Column
From waves:
  • leaders Once Removed Single Wheel and step forward to become #2 and #3 of a column
  • center trailer walk straight ahead (Press Ahead twice) to become #1
  • end trailer Press Ahead; Fold to become #4
Walk | <anything> the Plank
  1. Circulate | <anything>
  2. centers Walk and Dodge; ends leaders Run
<anything> the Wave
Extend, Extend (to completed DPT), <anything>

Bill's Clover the Wave definition
(1/4 | 3/4) Wheel to a <formation>
  1. (1/4 | 3/4) Wheel Around
  2. Belles 1/2 Half Sashay to a <formation>
Wheel to a Line
As couples Single Turn to a Line: any lead couple goes right and any trailing couple goes left.

Bill's Wheel to a Line definition
<direction> Wing
From Vic Ceder's definitions: Do the call as if you had started as a Beau (Right Wing) or Belle (Left Wing).
  1. ends On Your Own Swing; centers Scoot Back
  2. original ends Slip; original centers Spread
With Finesse
From (magic) columns: ends Cast Off 3/4 and Spread (to become ends of each half of a tidal wave; centers Zing and take opposite hands in the center of each wave.
From column of 6: centers roll outward and back and step into the middle of each wave of 3.
<multiple> <formation>s Working <direction>
When the setup includes multiple overlapping <formation>s, dancers in more than one <formation> use the <direction> to determine which group to work with to execute the call. See Miscellaneous Notions.

Multiple Formations Working Everywhichway (William B. Ackerman & J. Eric Brosius)
Vic Ceder's Grand Working definition
<tagging call> | Follow the Yellow Brick Road | Bricking <anything>
<tagging call> to the 1/2 position, Follow Your Neighbor, Spread, Slither, centers Follow Your Neighbor and Spread while ends Circulate 1 1/2, couple on the end of the line of 6 Concentric (Wheel and Deal | <anything>) while the other outside person Counter Rotate to become the end of the center wave.
You All
centers Hinge; ends U-Turn Back
Replace the first arm turn 1/2 with a Cast Off 3/4.
Z Lines | Waves | Columns
Treat a formation of 2 Zs (e.g. from waves, ends or centers Press Ahead) as distorted lines/waves/columns. Do the call and return to Z spots.
Zip the Top
  1. Lockit
  2. centers U-Turn Back towards eachother